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Mental Health Community Advocacy Service Bridgend


Please note that if you meet the criteria below please
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  • A patients subject to S117 rights
  • A patients subject to CPA and who is being supported by the Community Mental Health Teams, Assertive Outreach, Crisis & Home Treatment Teams
  • A former service users who request self-referral back into the local mental health service –  Part 3 of the Mental Health (Wales) Measure 2010


What is Advocacy?



Advocacy is there for those who feel they are being ignored, excluded, unfairly treated, or are not getting the sort of help they think they need


A community Advocate will listen to you and help you to express yourself in circumstances where you find it difficult, putting you first and enabling you to have your voice heard and acted upon.



An advocate will:

·         Listen to you.


·         Help you to voice your needs and choices.


·         Put you first.


·         Speak on your behalf if you want them to.


·         Help you to have your say.


·         Help you to make sure that your voice is heard when decisions are being made about you.


·         Respect your confidentiality and honour your right to view any information kept by the advocate about you.


·         Support you if you need to access specialist organizations for your financial, legal, benefit or welfare rights.





An Advocate will Not:


·         Make decisions for you


·         Make judgements about you


·         Give direct advice about financial, legal, benefit or welfare rights, although we can offer assistance and support in accessing other organisations that do specialise in these areas


·         Campaign on behalf of groups of individuals


The Advocacy service will endeavour to be:



·         ACCESSIBLE - The Advocacy service is free of charge to anyone who is over 18 years of age and may be experiencing mental health issues.



·         INDEPENDENT - A Community Advocate is Independent to other organisations and all other service provider agencies



·         EMPOWERING - People who require assistance from a community advocate shall be supported with self-advocacy and empowered to make choices with the level of involvement of an advocate.



·         CONFIDENTIAL - A Community Advocate has a written policy stating that information given remains confidential. A person has the right to any information that is kept by an advocate.


The Community Mental Health Advocacy Worker is:



John Crockett - Community Advocacy Worker


Due to funding restrictions the Community Mental Health Advocacy service is only provided within the Borough of Bridgend



For additional information regarding this service. Please contact us on:



Tel:           01656 767045

Fax:          01656 768775

Email:  cas@mhmwales.org



Click HERE to access word document referral form


Community Mental Health Advocacy Service


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