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DBS Cymru is the registered Disclosure and Barring (DBS) Umbrella Body for the charity Mental Health Matters Wales (MHM Wales) based in Bridgend, South Wales.

Our Disclosure and Barring service registration number is 30023800006.

MHM Wales acquired the registered umbrella body known as CRB Wales in August 2018 who have been registered as a Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) Umbrella Body in February 2002 (when the CRB Disclosure programme was first launched). Since August 2018, DBS Cymru has continued to provide the DBS service and maintain the steady existing loyal customer base as well as facilitating DBS checks for a number of new clients.

MHM Wales is an independent registered Umbrella Body and does not receive any funding for the service it provides. As a consequence, we rely entirely on our administration fee to support the service we provide.

DBS Cymru

Service Assurance

  • Our commitment to our clients, is we will at all times offer a professional and confidential service.

  • Our countersignatories are always available to give concise guidance of the DBS process over the phone or by email. 

  • We will thoroughly check each application to ensure all information is present and our aim is to counter-sign and forward applications to the DBS, provided that they are completed correctly and you have assured us that the worker's identity has been checked, within one working day of us receiving them. 

  • We can assure our customers we treat all data and information received and handled in the strictest confidence, and all information received and retained in connection with DBS Checks complies with the provisions of the Data Protection Act 2018. please refer to our policy section of the website.

  • DBS Cymru is annually audited by the DBS who review our service and policies. At our recent audit (July 2019) we met all the criteria to operate as registered umbrella body to a excellent standard. 

For more Information on DBS Cymru, please contact:

        01656 679881

or our website:

Mental Health Matters Wales

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