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Mental Health Matters Wales is an independent non-profit, non-political charity which works with people who have a mental health related issue, other voluntary organisations and statutory services to promote mental well-being and to ensure there is a comprehensive range of mental health services in Wales.

We currently deliver the following services;

·         Talking Connections (Counselling service)

·         Independent Mental Capacity Advocate (IMCA)

·         Paid Relevant Person's Representative Service (PRPR)

·         Independent Professional Advocacy Service (IPA)

·         Community Advocacy Services (CAS)

·         Friends of Coity

·         Wellbeing Drop-in Centres/Hubs

·         Community Café’s

·         Befriending

·         Eating Disorder (SORTED)

·         Information

·         Training

·         Lobbying and Campaigning

·         Volunteering


If you would like further information on any of the above please click on the links above or on the left. Alternatively contact us on:


  • 01656 651450     Admin & Finance
  • 01656 767045     Wellbeing, Community Cafes  & Tenancy Services
  • 01656 679884     Befriending
  • 01656 649557     IMCA South West, West Wales & Community Advocacy Service

·         01656 768775     IMCA South West, West Wales & Head Office Fax. 

·         email    admin@mhmwales.org

























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