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Our mission is to continue to enrich nursing support provided by the NHS to ensure patients are treated with understanding and dignity in hospital and encouraged to participate in socialising activities in order to maintain their optimum well-being.

The provision of routine and therapeutic activities to  patients who are  ‘ready for transfer’  are awaiting placement in a care home or a complex package of care in their own home. We aim to increase their overall environmental, emotional and physical wellbeing whilst reducing their fears and confusion in a hospital setting.

Mental Health Matters Wales provides Therapeutic Activities situated in St Davids, Llandough Hospital, and has expanded into other hospital settings within Cardiff. We have extensive experience working within in-patient settings providing meaningful person centered  activities such a reminiscing, walks, and bedside 1-2-1 befriending as well as some basic care such as lunch and dinner groups which aims to encourage interaction reducing isolation  increasing both nutritional and fluid intake and some basic care such as our pampering session which involves hair washing and styling by a qualified hairdresser. 


Often hospitals are frightening and disorientating for patient’s especially if they have a cognitive impairment, although hospital wards aim is to improve their overall Health and Wellbeing a patient’s often deteriorates rather than improves. Our Therapeutic Support Service makes every effort in creating friendly hospital environment. Our therapeutic activities focus on maintaining an existing/creating a new sense of identity and purpose. Providing a safe, friendly and adaptable network of support using evidence-based approaches including:




Reality Orientation


Physical Exercise

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"It’s been a pleasure to see MHM with Patients.

I believe that the team should be on a broader scale"

- Familey Member

"Cant put into words how Fantastic MHM are and how Much Difference they make to the Patients"

"As a NHS Volunteer I feel Privileged to have met MHM"

- Hospital Staff Member

"Helps to get away from Bedside and mix with others. Helps to put a smile on my face,

happy with the lovely care"

- Patient